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Jessica Norris Granatiero

To Savor: Wine in a can? There are many good ones

While consumers have known about wine in bottles, bags and boxes for many years, wine in cans is a newer phenomenon of which many...
Jessica Norris Granatiero

To Savor: Always a good time for a rosé

Light red, salmon, pink – these are words that describe the beautiful hues of rosé wines, wines given this name because of their color....
SEASONAL SUGGESTIONS: Some of the vibrant, crisp wines that go well with the grilled, lighter dishes that tend to be on offer in the spring. / COURTESY JESSICA NORRIS GRANATIERO

To Savor: Suggested sipping for springtime

This time of year, when the days grow warmer and longer, it’s time to dust off the grill and shift from hearty winter foods...
LOCAL FLAVOR: Some grapes can thrive in the cool New England climate, and some southern New England vineyards produce high-quality wines from them. / COURTESY JESSICA NORRIS GRANATIERO

To Savor: These grapes add to the local flavor

Climate is a key aspect that affects grape growing and its end result – wine in a bottle, can or box. Certain grapes thrive...

To Savor: The right wines for a chocolate fanatic

I am a chocolate fanatic, a love I know I share with many. In the U.S., we spend approximately $22 billion on chocolate each...
Jessica Norris Granatiero

To Savor: Pizza pairings with local focus

The beginning of the year is marked by resolution, a time of regrouping. Often, we set goals, or intentions to change something about ourselves....
MESSAGE ON A BOTTLE: An engraved bottle is one of several gift ideas involving wine and spirits.  / COURTESY JESSICA NORRIS GRANATIERO

To Savor: A gift with some meaning

Gift giving is upon us in full force. Historically, the day after Thanksgiving marked the start of the gift-giving season, when U.S. retail companies...
THANKSGIVING MATCHMAKING: Holiday hosts have plenty of choices for dinner and after dinner, including a dry vermouth, on the far right, from Greenvale Vineyards in Portsmouth. / COURTESY JESSICA NORRIS GRANATIERO

To Savor: Wines for the Thanksgiving dinner table

Friends ask me regularly if it makes a difference to pair certain wines with the myriad of Thanksgiving dishes. I often share my answer...
Jessica Norris Granatiero

To Savor: Your fall ‘wine wardrobe’

This time of the year – when the humidity has dissipated and nights are crisp – is one of my favorites. While I feel lugubrious...
Jessica Norris Granatiero

To Savor: Tips to travel like a local in Italy

Italy is one of the most popular wine regions when traveling abroad, and its charm, people, wine and cuisine envelop visitors. They still delight...
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