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Cyber Sessions: No more hiding from cybersecurity

(Editor’s note: A version of this column was first published on on Aug. 16.) As the speed of business and the rate of technology...

Cybersecurity must be part of company culture

Locking your front door on your way out is a mindless act, performed daily to protect your home and prevent break-ins. Yet there are...

Cyber Sessions: No more hiding from cybersecurity

(Editor's note: This is the first installment of a monthly guest column on the growing number of cyberthreats facing businesses of all sizes and...
STORM ­­WARNING: Providence Chief Engineer Craig Hochman at the Fox Point Hurricane Barrier. Several environmental groups have warned the barrier is in need of fixes or should be replaced amid a warming climate.

Fox Point Hurricane Barrier in need of upgrades, environmental groups warn

PROVIDENCE once led the nation in hurricane protection. But in the half-century since the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built the Fox Point Hurricane Barrier,...

Narragansett Bay Commission

PBN BEST PLACES TO WORK 2022 Large Company 10. Narragansett Bay Commission Employees in R.I.: 268 Executive Director: Laurie Horridge Questions answered by: Training Facilitator Peter Yidiaris  What fun...

R.I. Infrastructure Bank refinancing returns $6.4M

PROVIDENCE – The Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank recently announced it has saved $6.4 million under a refinancing of bonds for municipal and quasi-public organization...
DIGGING IT: Workers for the contractor CB3A start working on the main shaft of the combined sewer overflow tunnel that will run more than 100 feet below the city of Pawtucket. The shaft, located on School Street in Pawtucket, will be 60 feet in diameter and will allow a boring machine to be lowered in. / COURTESY NARRAGANSETT BAY COMMISSION/PETER GOLDBERG

After decades of work, light at end of CSO tunnel

What happens beneath the streets of Providence and surrounding cities is unseen by residents, but after heavy rainfall, the result always ends up in...

Narragansett Bay Commission to start work on Pawtucket Tunnel

PAWTUCKET – The Narragansett Bay Commission on Friday will begin construction of the Pawtucket Tunnel, a 2.2-mile, deep-rock tunnel that will form the third...
KICKING THINGS OFF: Narragansett Bay Commission Chairman Vin Mesolella kicks a soccer ball at the opening of a renovated Macomber Stadium in Central Falls, a joint project between the city and the Narragansett Bay Commission to transform contaminated land into a clean, usable facility. / COURTESY NARRAGANSETT BAY COMMISSION

Narragansett Bay Commission

PBN Best Places to Work Awards 2021 Large Companies #13. Narragansett Bay Commission Employees in R.I.: 270 Executive Director Laurie Horridge Questions answered by Public Affairs Manager Jamie...
ADVANCED PLANNING: Arnold “Buff” Chace Jr., managing principal of Cornish Associates LP, is co-chairman of a group called the Providence Resilience Partnership, which is looking at how to better understand and prepare the city for flood risk and secure federal funding for its priorities. / PBN PHOTO/MICHAEL SALERNO

SURGE MENTALITY: Warning sounded about Providence’s widespread flood risks

Arnold “Buff” Chace Jr. was 7 years old when Hurricane Carol ravaged Rhode Island, with a storm surge that submerged downtown Providence in 12...
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