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APRIL 5 PERCENT HOTEL TAX collections increased 9.3 percent year over year to $1.2 million.

April 5% hotel tax up 9.3% while year-to-date collections rise 2.8%

PROVIDENCE – April collections of Rhode Island’s 5 percent hotel tax rose 9.3 percent year over year to $1.2 million, according to the R.I....
LOCAL 1 PERCENT HOTEL TAX collections rose 24.9 percent in April year over year.

Local 1% hotel tax collections rise 24.9% in April

PROVIDENCE - One percent local hotel tax collections in Rhode Island for April increased 24.9 percent year over year to $293,396, according to a...
5 PERCENT HOTEL TAX COLLECTIONS decreased year over year in March, but remained ahead of 2016 fiscal year-to-date collections.

March 5% hotel tax collections fall while YTD outpaces 2016

PROVIDENCE – Five percent hotel tax collections for March 2017 declined 9.7 percent year over year but collections for fiscal 2017 remained ahead of...
LOCAL 1 PERCENT HOTEL tax collection in March 2017 rose 26.5 percent year over year.

DOR: Local 1% hotel tax collections up in March

PROVIDENCE – Rhode Island local 1 percent hotel tax collections in March increased $58,304 year over year to $278,302, constituting a 26.5 percent increase...
THE 5 PERCENT HOTEL TAX in Rhode Island accounted for $800,934 in tax revenue in February. It was subsequently distributed to regional tourism districts, municipalities, the R.I. Commerce Corp. and the Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau.

February 5% hotel tax collections rise 4%

PROVIDENCE – Rhode Island collections of the 5 percent hotel tax in February increased 4 percent year over year to $800,934, according to the...

House extends tourism-oversight panel

The House’s recent approval of a second iteration of the 2015 Tourism Study Commission, a 2-year-old legislative body chaired by Rep. Lauren H. Carson,...
THE DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE reported that year-to-date cash collections in May were $38.27 million less than year-to-date collections in May 2016. /COURTESY R.I. DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE

DOR: Cash collections down in May

PROVIDENCE – May year-to-date cash collections are $38.27 million lower than one year ago, according to the R.I. Department of Revenue. Year-to-date collections in...
PERSONAL INCOME TAX REVENUE IN MAY missed revised projections by $9.6 million, causing the state to fall behind its year-to-date personal income tax revenue projections by $7.6 million. / R.I. DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE

DOR: Personal income tax revenue in May 11.5% short of revised...

PROVIDENCE – Personal income tax revenue in Rhode Island missed revised estimates by $9.6 million in May, coming in at $73.6 million, according to...
THE 5.0 PERCENT HOTEL TAX increased $16,336 year over year in Jan.

DOR: Jan. 5.0% hotel tax up 2.4%

PROVIDENCE - Jan. revenue from the state 5.0 percent hotel tax was 2.4 percent, an increase of $16,336, year over year to $702,847, the R.I. Department...
1 PERCENT LOCAL HOTEL TAX REVENUE in January increased 15.4 percent over January 2016. However, the state Department of Revenue said that this number is likely overstated due to the expansion of the tax base in fiscal 2017 to include nontraditional platforms, such as Airbnb.

January 1% hotel tax revenue increases 15.4 percent

PROVIDENCE - Rhode Island local 1 percent hotel tax revenue in January totaled $163,091, a 15.4 percent year-over-year increase, according to a report from...
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