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OUTSTANDING STUDENT loan debt in the U.S. increased by $37 billion in the third quarter and stood at $1.44 trillion at the end of September. / BLOOMBERG NEWS

Student debt onus in U.S. approaching $1.5T

NEW YORK - Outstanding student loan debt increased by $37 billion in the third quarter and stood at $1.44 trillion as of September 30,...

Report: R.I. 529 plans rank well nationally

PROVIDENCE – The Rhode Island 529 education savings plan, CollegeBound Saver, was rated as one of the best 529 education savings plans in the...
ACCORDING TO a new HSBC survey, United States students spend an average of 4.2 hours a day working paid jobs, which is more than double the time they spend in the library, nearly two hours more than they spend in class and 1.4 hours more time than they spend studying at home. / BLOOMBERG NEWS

U.S. students spend more time working paid jobs than going to...

NEW YORK - Haunted by costly degrees and insurmountable student debt, American college students now spend more time working paid jobs than in lectures, the library...
OF DEBT AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Rhode Island ranked next to the bottom of a list of the states with the highest average student-loan debt for Class of 2017 graduates, presenting a significant impediment to the state’s economic future. 

High student debt is impediment to R.I.’s future economic health

The latest student-debt rankings put Rhode Island near the top – and not in a good way.According to LendEDU, an online student lending tool,...

How not to erase student debt

Even by government standards, it is a colossally dumb idea: revoking someone’s license to work as a way to get them to pay off...
ROGER WILLIAMS UNIVERSITY graduates entered the job market carrying more student debt than graduates from any other university in the state. /COURTESY ROGER WILLIAMS UNIVERSITY

Rhode Island ranks in U.S. top 10 for most student loan...

PROVIDENCE – Students graduating from Rhode Island-based four-year public and nonprofit private colleges and universities in 2016 entered the job market carrying the nation’s...
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