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460 Atwood Ave.
OWNER: Mark S.
TENANT: Perry Bros.
Auto Service

Who Owns The Block?

Atwood Avenue | Luigi Street to Saverio Street CRANSTONResearch/Photography: Providence Business News/James Bessette Map: Providence Business News/Lisa Lagreca
SUBWAY PROJECTED that it will close 500 U.S. franchises this year. / COURTESY SUBWAY

Subway projects 500 U.S. store closings amid global growth

NEW YORK - Subway Restaurants, the world’s most ubiquitous dining chain, will continue closing United States stores as it expands internationally.After peppering the nation...
Subway Shuts Hundreds of U.S. Stores in Historic Retrenchment/ COURTESY BLOOMBERG

Subway shuts hundreds of U.S. stores in historic retrenchment

CHICAGO - Subway restaurants closed hundreds of domestic locations last year, marking the biggest retrenchment in the history of a chain that spent decades saturating...
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