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Office sports pool

Does your company allow office sports pools? Yes: 50% No: 50% Who operates the pool on a weekly basis? Upper management: 0% An employee or two: 33.4% An outside source:...

Seeking outside assistance

How often have you employed an outside consultant to advise your company? On an annual basis: 54.6% Once in the last five years: 18.2% Only on rare...
Rich Small has spent more than a decade with Neurotech Pharmaceuticals, originally 
as its chief financial officer. 
When a strategic reorganization 
took place in March 2016, he was asked to lead the Cumberland-

Share internally to stay on track

Rich Small | Neurotech Pharmaceuticals Inc. CEO By training, I am a certified public accountant with a professional history focused in raising capital, strategizing and...

Trick or retreat?

Does your company host employee retreats? Yes: 50% No: 50% What are the company’s ultimate goals in holding retreats? (Select multiple) Promote employee team building: 50% Our company does...
As the fourth generation of a family-owned contracting firm, Brian Casey knows how much a strong company culture can mean to an enterprise. Since taking over in 2015, Casey has doubled revenue and grown the employee count by one-third, something he credits in large part to his team. / PBN PHOTO/RUPERT WHITELEY

Success depends on you building the right team

Brian Casey | Pariseault Builders Inc. president A major component of a CEO’s role is to make important decisions. These can range from expanding into...

Five Questions With Navyn Salem

Navyn Salem | CEO, Edesia Inc. 1. On March 15, Edesia launched a new corporate-giving program that would see company logos emblazoned on Edesia...

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