The Avenue Concept announces collaboration with Wexford Science & Technology, Ventas

PROVIDENCE – Three new pieces of artwork will be the start of a rotating art plaza at Point225, the Wexford Science & Technology building in the I-195 Redevelopment District, The Avenue Concept announced Monday.

The installation will launch Monday with a sculpture and two wall murals to form a public art plaza. The Avenue Concept said that the rotating art plaza is part of a partnership between it, and Wexford and Ventas Inc., the developers of Point225.

The sculpture will be created by Steven Siegel and will use a “rainbow-hued selection of single-use plastics.” The work is part of Siegel’s mixed-media vessel series.

A mural inside the Point225 lobby will be painted by Myles Dumas. The mural will take inspiration from the intersection of biology and technology, according to The Avenue Concept.

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The second mural will be hosted at One Ship St. in the plaza, and will feature a commissioned work from local graffiti artist Mikey Fernandez.

“This partnership represents an important investment in the community by Wexford and will add value to the Innovation District,” said The Avenue Concept founder and Executive Director Yarrow Thorne in a statement. “By prioritizing the placement of public art and the activation of the streetscape, Wexford offers a powerful example of best practices in urban redevelopment and place-making – as well as being a good neighbor. We hope that this partnership points the way forward for future development in Providence.”