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Providence, October 2016 – The Greysmith Companies, a leading staffing and corporate recruiting firm in Providence, R.I., crossed a milestone this month marking the company’s 25th year in business. 

Founded in 1991, Greysmith has worked within the Rhode Island and Southern New England community providing sustainable workforce solutions for employers and job seekers. What began as a small, local firm with just a handful of employees, has grown to a team of committed and passionate professionals who approach clients and candidates with honesty, integrity, and transparency throughout the recruiting and job placement process.

“Greysmith is more than just a company” Cheryl DeWolf, owner and founder, points out, “It has a heart and soul. We are passionate about what we do; efficiently matching our clients’ human capital needs to the right candidate, creating greater value for both.

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“Client companies get a qualified solution to a hiring need and all employees, temporary or internal, get access to top notch positions and benefits including health insurance and an employer matching 401k plan.” 

She is equally proud of the company’s commitment as a responsible employer and benefactor, evidenced by Greysmith leading both regional and national firms in a past “Best Places to Work” award and the company’s significant, ongoing work in the community with many charities.

Much has changed since DeWolf put everything on the line 25 years ago, using her personal savings to build the company from the ground up. She was able to find great people to work with by offering them a guiding vision for the company and a strategy on how to succeed.  

The company’s reputation as the region’s leading independent accounting, administrative operations and legal support staffing and corporate recruiting firm has been earned through diligently delivering exceptional service to its clients and candidates.  Today, a team of 20 oversees corporate recruiting and staffing operations, recruiting for clients and managing a sizable temporary workforce throughout southern New England at many of the region’s most notable organizations.

When people asked DeWolf how the company has managed to remain highly successful, she used to say she was “very lucky;” but in reality, luck had little to do with it.  The team has taken calculated risks, had the foresight to anticipate market changes and the courage to stop and ask for help along the way. Where others failed, Greysmith’s leadership was innovative and persistent enough to push through the many obstacles thrown in their path. The Greysmith Companies has managed to navigate a dynamic economy, fluctuating unemployment rates, complex labor laws and technology challenges.

DeWolf is an extremely driven woman who has built the company on its reputation and her desire to be the best. She surrounds herself with an equally determined team and thanks its members for their years of dedication, commitment to growth, and ability to overcome any challenge that stands in the way. She is especially proud of her accomplished senior leadership who have established a culture of trust, inclusion and respect. Today, DeWolf continues to reevaluate the business, plan ahead and develop the new generation of leadership. She is excited to see them take the company to the next level, providing an exceptional experience for all its constituencies – clients, candidates and staff.

The Greysmith Companies is a vibrant local business that has stood the test of time. Over the past 25 years, there have certainly been challenges. “When things are going well, it’s difficult to slow down and reflect. It’s even more difficult to have the willingness to recognize imperfections and invest in the changes necessary to improve the business.” It’s a valuable lesson and one that DeWolf learned early on. Competitors have come and gone, but Greysmith has managed to thrive.

About The Greysmith Companies:

The Greysmith Companies was founded in 1991 and is a regional staffing and corporate recruiting firm headquartered in Providence, R.I.  It has a long-standing reputation as the area’s leading independent staffing and corporate recruiting firm for accounting, administrative operations and legal support. Contact us at, or 401-272-7200.