The Miriam honored for reducing patient falls with use of monitoring devices

PROVIDENCE – The Miriam Hospital has been recognized for dramatically reducing the number of patients who fall during their hospital stay.

AvaSure, a Michigan-based patient-monitoring system producer, honored the hospital with its Path to Zero Award in late September.

With the use of audiovisual equipment in patients’ rooms, The Miriam saw its rate of patient falls drop by 25% during its second year of using the devices.

The hospital has used the equipment for about three years.

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Designed to monitor patients with impaired mobility or conditions such as dementia, the portable cameras allow hospital staff to keep a remote eye on patients who may be at risk for falling. Staff can speak to patients through a microphone built into the device and quickly send a nurse to hospital rooms to help patients who need help to safely stand up or move around.

“The Miriam Hospital has played a significant role in making strides toward change with the use of our technology. As has been shown in numerous clinical and economic studies, AvaSure is in tune with the need for cost-effective, quality care,” said Lisbeth Votruba, vice president of clinical quality and innovation at AvaSure.

Elizabeth Graham is a PBN contributing writer.