There is still value in the liberal arts

Infosys President Ravi Kumar delivered a double-shot of good news recently.

First off, the company has created 100 of its planned 500 workers at the Providence Design and Innovation Center.

He also made clear that even though Infosys is a global information technology services company, it is looking, especially at its Providence location, for creative thinkers, including those with liberal arts and design degrees.

Mr. Kumar values the problem-finding – as well as problem-solving – attributes that people who have a nontechnical background can bring to Infosys’ product-development process.

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The value that a liberal arts major can bring involves being creative and flexible, able to respond to changing market conditions and customer needs, something that more-technical employees often have trouble with.

Infosys is not alone in searching for people with a more flexible mindset. Groups such as the Tech Collective and its members feel that many of the technical skills can be learned, but the ability to learn new things and adapt to new challenges may just be the most important skill of all.