Town Dock strives for sustainable squid market

Fastest Growing Companies | $75M and above | 4th place
CEO (or equivalent): Ryan Clark, CEO
2017 Revenue: $91,814,388
2015 Revenue: $71,208,756
Revenue growth: 28.9%

The Town Dock in Narragansett is already the largest supplier of fresh squid in the United States. Now it wants to be one of the most sustainable.

Earlier this year, the company’s U.S. Northeastern Loligo squid fishery became the first to be certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. The organization looks at scientific studies and the environmental impact of fishing practices before labeling a fishery as sustainable. The Town Dock is now working with MSC to earn certification for a second squid fishery.

Certifications are important for fishery health, but also for consumers.

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“More than two-thirds of U.S. consumers want to know their seafood can be traced back to a known and trusted source,” said Patrick Maness, Town Dock’s director of marketing. “Nearly 80 percent of seafood purchasers cite sustainable sourcing as an important purchase behavior.”

Town Dock has also invested in additional fishing vessels and permits to help increase its revenue nearly 29 percent over the last three years. The seafood supplier ships its squid around the world, from North America to Asia.

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