Tufts Health Plan plants the seeds for healthy lifestyles

Healthiest Employers of Rhode Island 2019
2,000-4,999 EMPLOYEES #8: Tufts Health Plan

CEO (or equivalent): Thomas A. Croswell, CEO and president
Number of employees: 2,900

HOW CAN GARDENING help your health? First, there’s the bending, lifting, carrying, digging, hoeing and weeding. Step two is eating fruits and vegetables.

This year, Tufts Health Plan added an on-site garden outside its office fitness center in Watertown, Mass., and 50 employees are toiling there, improving their physical and, most likely, emotional health.

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The insurance company tries to make its employee wellness program broad enough so that all 2,900 employees (32 in Rhode Island) can find at least one activity to enjoy.

Even the people working remotely can jump onto the WorkingWell With You! online program, with offerings such as nutrition seminars and instructor-led exercise routines.

Among the newer offerings is Fit and Lean 2019, a program that recognizes that health and fitness are not one-size-fits-all projects. Participants get one-to-one wellness and nutrition coaching. Of those who finished the program, 61.5% improved their body mass index and 92.3% improved on one or more fitness metrics, Tufts said.

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