UMass financial aid for students grew to $395M

BOSTON – The University of Massachusetts awarded $395 million in university-generated financial aid this academic year, with about 81% of the aid going to commonwealth residents, who make up 73% of UMass’ 74,000-student community, including students attending the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

UMass said the amount of financial aid given this year is $22 million more than last year and $185 million more than a decade ago. This year’s generated aid includes grants funded by various university sources, UMass said. Those sources accounted for nearly three times the $137 million in state and federal aid provided to students, the university said.

UMass President Marty Meehan said in a statement the growing financial aid is “one piece” of a larger university effort to lower financial barriers for students. He also said the university’s “efficiency and effectiveness” efforts have saved UMass $90 million across all five campuses since 2020, also helping keep costs down for students.

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