University Orthopedics calls in hundreds of lunch orders to local restaurants

PROVIDENCE – University Orthopedics ordered hundreds of lunches last week for employees in all 11 of its locations across the state.

The gesture, funded by the University Orthopedics Charitable Giving Committee, acted as a pick-me-up for both employees and the 11 restaurants that received orders.

Pierre Boutros, owner of Little Country Pizza & Restaurant in Exeter, supplied lunch to the health provider’s East Greenwich office.

“Everyone is having a difficult time, not only financially but the stress level is very high. We are all nervous,” Boutros said. “I think it’s a great thing that University Orthopedics is doing, and I hope we all get through this soon.”

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Under normal circumstances, University Orthopedics Charitable Giving Committee sets a yearly budget to donate to local causes, but the effects of the coronavirus pandemic have redirected the group.

“In this time of challenges for restaurants and local businesses, we decided to combine supporting local restaurants while providing a morale boost for our staff who are having a difficult time just like everyone else,” said committee member Dr. George Pasquarello.

Dr. Paul Fadale, another committee member, added that the group hopes the free lunches represent a larger gesture of support for local small businesses.

“We truly believe that small gestures can sometimes have a big impact,” Fadale said.