VIBCO Vibrators GR-1600 Pothole Packer

THE STORY: Ever since Karl Wadensten’s father founded VIBCO Vibrators in 1962, the company has been helping industrial and construction clients improve their results – think of concrete that has too many air bubbles because it wasn’t vibrated correctly and you get the idea. One key difference maker for VIBCO is that its products are quieter than any others in the market.

› VIBCO and its 100 employees are located in Richmond

› Each unit takes 18 to 20 man-hours to be made, with five employees doing the bulk of the work with the support of the entire company and its lean production process

› An average of 500 Pothole Packers are built each year, with the first products being made and tested in 1993

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› Retail list price is $2,379

› Primary markets are municipal public works departments, apartment and office complexes, and contractors

› In 2014 Karl Wadensten, president of VIBCO, offered every city and town in Rhode Island a free GR-1600 to help with their pothole-filling efforts; it is recommended by the Federal Highway Administration as the optimum machine for repairing potholes

› The GR-1600 consists of a motor, plastic water tank, bearing and 60 other component sub-assemblies

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