Web platform aims to make home health care more efficient

Robbie Felton grew up surrounded by senior citizens.

He accompanied his mom, a geriatric social worker, on home visits. When she became the head of an elder care facility, he spent days volunteering with her clients.

He remained involved in his mom’s work after enrolling at Brown University. While perusing her accounting books, he noticed the “massive inefficiency” in time and money her organization spent on home health care workers.

Felton, who studies public health, teamed with three fellow Brown students to create a solution. In 2018, Intus Care Inc. was born.

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The startup offers a two-part, web-based interface designed to cut needless costs and wasted time associated with home health care for seniors while improving oversight. The first part assists caregivers, allowing them to easily manage appointments with clients, confirm their location via GPS tracking and check off requisite tasks for each appointment. A second component gives home care managers the ability to easily monitor caregivers and patients.

The startup recently launched a pilot program with a Michigan organization and is beginning sales talks with more clients, Felton said.

Nancy Lavin is a PBN staff writer. Contact her at Lavin@PBN.com.