West Shore Health Center’s Partnership with BioAbundance Redefines Infection Prevention

In the wake of the pandemic, long-term care facilities bore the initial and devastating impact of Covid-19, experiencing a staggering number of fatalities. As we reflect on the profound impact on populations over 65, a stark realization emerges—our indoor environments played a critical role in the transmission of Covid-19.

West Shore Health Center located in Warwick, RI and BioAbundance joined forces for a groundbreaking initiative to enhance patient and staff safety during the respiratory virus season. The installation of Far UVC germicidal lights signifies a major leap in infection control measures, reducing the risk of viral transmission and creating a safer indoor environment. Far UVC uses a germicidal ultraviolet wavelength of 222 nanometers to kill airborne and surface pathogens all while being safe for skin and eyes.

In September 2023, West Shore had 41 Covid-19 cases, reflecting the ongoing pandemic. Since installing 5 UVpros in October, only two positive cases, originating from recent hospitalizations, have been reported. “We have not had any cases of Flu at all so far knock on wood” Elizabeth said [Administrator]. Installing these devices in dining areas where people gather has proven its success of reducing viral pathogens. Elizabeth expressed excitement about being at the forefront of healthcare innovation and highlighted the significant step towards resident and staff safety.

As we brace ourselves for the approaching winter, the imperative to extend the protection of Far UVC technology beyond healthcare settings becomes evident. With everyone converging indoors, the application of this revolutionary solution goes beyond healthcare facilities, safeguarding people in diverse industries such as restaurants, dentist offices, daycares, and schools.

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