Why too many liberal professors is a problem

Suppose that you start college with a keen interest in physics, and you quickly discover that almost all members of the physics department are Democrats. Would you think that something is wrong? Would your answer be different if your favorite subject is music, chemistry, computer science, anthropology or sociology? In recent years, concern has grown…

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  1. This is a terrible article, completely off base on analyzing the facts. Rather than taking the low effort route by simply showing the breakdown between Democrats and Republicans per academic discipline and lamenting the existence of bias, Sunstein should have delved into analyzing WHY this situation exists.

    The word university is derived from the word “universe” and its association with a sense of large, openness and expanding. In discussing this openness concept let me refer to a seminal book on the subject authored by Milton Rokeach, “The Open and Closed Mind”, 1960. Among many other observations, Rokeach clearly shows that having an open mind is a prerequisite to creativity. Republicans, especially Conservatives, regularly score low on the creativity scale. It explains why over the last 100 years, most new and creative initiatives – Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Civil Rights, Voter Rights, etc. – are products of Democrats and not Republicans who regularly show more resistance to change.

    This notion also supports the correlation between the degree of creativity in each discipline and the ratio of Democrats to Republicans per discipline -33 to 1 in music and just 1,6 in Engineering. It may also explain why both Hollywood and Broadway, fields which require high creativity, lean Democratic. Finally, in academia the dichotomy is not between Democrats and Republicans but rather between the open mind and the closed mind and we should be thankful that our colleges are dominated not by Democrats, but professors with open minds.

    Since Sustein closed the article with a quote from John Stuart Mill, I will use another quote from Mill to close this response – “Not all Conservatives are stupid, but all the stupid people I know are Conservative.”