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A risky but popular short cut in the battle on obesity

Take this quiz. Imagine you are obese. For a chunk of the population, that is not much of a stretch. Your physician has warned you...

Give the gift of healthy living

Forget the chenille scarf. Your uncle doesn’t need one. At least two other relatives will be giving him scarves. Forget the bathrobe for your...

The ills of health care deserve honest discussion

Hot sticky weather brings out gardeners’ nemesis: kudzu. The tenacious weed grows and grows, thriving in all soils. If unchecked, it will take over...

Philanthropy– filling health care void Substitutes for shrinking government support

The prime cynic, la Rochefoucauld, maintained that the prime spur to charity was self-interest. (A famous maxim: "The virtues join with self-interest as...

Commentary: Supplemental insurance shatters illusion

The slick prospectus asks disquieting questions: Will my HMO pay for the best treatments if I get sick? Will it let me see...

Commentary: The lungless among us

F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway debated the difference between the rich and the poor. Was it only money? I think I know the...

Opinion: Decision to cut off U.S. aid to D.A.R.E. hailed

Good news about D.A.R.E. -- the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program that puts police officers in thousands of 5th grade classrooms. The good...

Commentary: Pragmatism in, campaign mantra out

Forget Compassionate Conservatism, President George W. Bush's campaign mantra. Nobody knew what it meant anyway. Did conservatives feel the pain of the...

Commentary: Bureaucratic legalisms in land of Medicare, uncare

Why not a Museum of Bureaucratic Legalism, so future generations can study the juridicial workings of American minds at the millenium?...

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