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EXPANDING: Neyda DeJesus is co-coordinator of the Newport Health Equity Zone. The state is looking to expand the HEZ initiative with $1.4 million from the state and federal government to start new collaborations this ­summer.

Health Equity Zones encourage community buy-in

Studies have increasingly found that social determinants, such as where you live and who you socialize with, have a lot to do with how...
FIRST STEP: Rhode Island Business Group on Health Executive Director Al Charbonneau says a federal rule requiring hospitals to post pricing data online is the first of many steps to price transparency. Next to Charbonneau is Hospital Association of Rhode Island President Teresa Paiva Weed.

New CMS rule requires hospitals to post pricing data online

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services requires hospitals’ pricing data to be posted to their websites, billed as the first step toward a...
RECORD TIME: Brown University researchers have published a study showing that electronic health records are more stressful for physicians than they are helpful. At Coastal Medical, practice nurses, such as Margaret Hatzpanian, right, now handle most clinical documents and administrative tasks previously handled by doctors. At left is Stephanie Nunes, nurse practioner.

Brown researcher: Electronic health records create high stress for physicians

Physicians say electronic health records are stressful, but a survey of Rhode Island doctors and promising strategies suggest compromises between round-the-clock accessibility and reasonable...
IMMUNOTHERAPY TREATMENT: Roger Williams Medical Center physicians Dr. Steven Katz, left, and Dr. N. Joseph Espat are developing a high-pressure application of their immunotherapy treatment for cancer cells. It has been demonstrated to be an effective way to administer the drugs to tumors that are usually resistant to treatment.

High-pressure application breakthrough aids RWMC’s immunotherapy ambitions

T-cells genetically altered to seek and kill cancer don’t do much good if the tumor’s density stops it from contacting the offending tissue, a...
BETTER METHOD: Carl Saab, an associate professor of neuroscience and neurosurgery at Brown University and Rhode Island Hospital, and a team of Brown researchers have developed and patented a new way to diagnose and manage pain.

Brown researchers find brain waves an accurate method for measuring pain

A team of Brown University researchers has developed and patented a new, objective measure of pain using a noninvasive electroencephalograph of theta-band brain waves,...
TAKING ADVANTAGE: Ortho Rhode Island’s new building being constructed along Crossings Boulevard in Warwick will be the state’s first to take advantage of legislation exempting medical-tourism-themed facilities from the R.I. Department of Health’s certificate-of-need process.

Groundwork in place to nurture R.I. medical tourism

RHODE Island is poised to capitalize on medically inspired travel between cities and countries, with Ortho Rhode Island Inc.’s pending three-story building next to...
ALL IN THE WRIST: Leonard Nihan is owner and CEO of Sea-Band International, a manufacturer of drug-free, acupuncture-pressure wristbands to combat dizziness and nausea for travelers, pregnant women and cancer patients. The company is working to lower prices, create smaller packaging and enter local stores and travel centers.

Wristband offers drug-free nausea treatment

Sea-Band International creates drug-free, acupuncture-pressure wristbands to combat dizziness and nausea for travelers, pregnant women and cancer patients.Washable and reusable, the wristbands use natural...
VITAL RESEARCH: ­Rachel Mulligan, director of lab operations at MedCure in Cumberland, said the company provides access to more people who want to donate their bodies for research who would otherwise be turned away by learning institutions.

Body donors aid research, medical training in private, public sector

Donating one’s body to science can be arranged through learning institutions for some, but is much more accessible through private, for-profit “body brokers,” each...
BETTER ­RANKINGS: Shayla Durfey, third-year medical student at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, is a co-author of a study that finds that federal rankings for cost-saving Medicare Advantage Plans improve when adjusted for race, neighborhood poverty and social risk.  

Brown study: Adjusting Medicare Advantage Plan scores for race, poverty a...

Federal rankings for cost-saving Medicare Advantage Plans improve when adjusted for race, neighborhood poverty and social risk, increasing reimbursement rates for companies offering them,...
PRELIMINARY SHOT: Gladys Torre, a medical assistant at Brown Medicine, administers the yellow-fever vaccine to Dr. Jacob Babu, an orthopedic surgery resident at Brown Medicine, before he travels to Africa. 

Yellow fever vaccine shortage puts strain on Brown Medicine as only...

When the nation’s sole yellow-fever vaccine manufacturer paused production in April during a global outbreak, local travelers had one spot for shots, a recurring...
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