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PHILADELPHIA HAS SUED seven banks accusing them of costing local governments billions of dollars by colluding to fix the prices on floating-rate bonds issued to finance public works. / BLOOMBERG NEWS FILE PHOTO/JOHN TAGGART

Philadelphia sues seven banks over ‘collusion’ in muni deals

NEW YORK - Philadelphia sued seven banks including JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Bank of America Corp., accusing them of costing local governments billions of...

Pundit prediction on muni defaults way off the mark

Cutting the hours a public library is open isn’t a municipal-bond default. Disbanding a city’s symphony orchestra isn’t a municipal-bond default. Asking retirees to pay more...

When $137 million changes nothing there’s trouble

In April 2000, 12 big municipal-bond underwriting firms agreed to pay $140 million to settle federal allegations that they defrauded states and localities in...

That 7% tax-free yield is waiting for you on Guam

You can find tax-exempt yields of 5 percent and more in the municipal bond market, if you are willing to confront risks such as...

Leasing states’ assets becoming common cash maker

The state of Illinois wants to get out of the lottery business. What a wonderful idea! Illinois should stop gambling. So should the other 41...

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