Knowing where you come from helps define where you’re going

Brenda Brock | Farmaesthetics founder/formulator/CEO

Twenty years ago this spring, I opened a farm stand in Rhode Island with a group of close friends. My part of this venture was to sell skin care products made in my kitchen using crops growing on my friend’s organic farm.

Herbal formulation has been a passion since I was a child growing up in the kitchen culture of women on our Texas family farm. Their elegant interaction with nature captured my imagination at a very young age.

Our farm stand project felt much like those summers in Texas. This was a creative time to engage in green enterprise, showing our daughters that products and food do not grow on shelves but involve process, tenacity and stewardship.

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After that successful summer, the orders for my skin care offerings continued. It soon became apparent that I had a business. The ethos that first inspired me continued with the founding of Farmaesthetics, and the tenets of sustainability have guided us through our cycles of growth.

Decisions made in support of brand longevity often challenge the desire for short-term gains. But it’s the long-game culture of sustainability that makes an organization resilient.

Farmaesthetics’ unwavering dedication to these precepts has positioned us as a leader in luxury green beauty.

As farmers say back home: “The farmer takes care of the farm, and the farm will take care of the farmer.”

This interdependency defines sustainability and is at the heart of today’s green economy.