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All dressed up

What is the dress code for your office? Business casual: 100% Casual: 0% Business professional: 0% During the COVID-19 pandemic, did your company require some form of dress...


Does your company offer perks to employees during the summer months? (Y/N) Yes: 100% No: 0% What perks does your company offer during the summer months? (Select...

Linked up

How often do you visit LinkedIn? Daily 28.6% A few times a week 14.2% Monthly 28.6% During transitions 28.6% I do not use LinkedIn 0% How often do you make...

All you can eat

How often do you dine out for lunch? Daily 9.05% A few times a week 27.3% Once a week 27.3% A few times a month 9.05% Hardly ever 27.3% How...
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