Business success today is a collective endeavor

The buzzword in economic development circles is collaboration. It is a recognition that the challenges facing new product or service development – especially for a small business or startup – often require resources and expertise beyond the immediate reach of the enterprise.
So we celebrate the R.I. Science and Technology Advisory Council’s grant program announced recently. The funding for 15 projects, one of which, Toys and Technologies for Rehabilitation, is profiled in this week’s Providence Business News, will help reinforce the power of collaboration and point the way for the continuing growth of the state’s “innovation economy.”
A joint venture of Hasbro, Brown University, Rhode Island School of Design, Rhode Island Hospital, Bay Computer Associates and Afferent, this project has been testing toys that provide therapy and also help gauge children’s progress. It will be years before the toys reach the market, but even if they are not a commercial success, there is great value in the effort.
Rhode Island has tremendous intellectual capital, and leveraging it is key to the development of a strong, self-sustaining economy.

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