Capability Accelerators Announces Start of New 21st Century Leadership Development Program

Beginning Wednesday March 4th, and running for 5 consecutive weeks, business owners, executives, managers and those on the career fast track can have unique access to one of the most innovative leadership development programs being offered in the industry today.

Normally reserved for corporate clients, the Bigger Know Principles of Leadership development program is currently being offered to individuals who desire to learn “Consultant level, 21st century” leadership skills.

Created by Jeffrey Deckman of Capability Accelerators and designed specifically to motivate, engage and mobilize the modern workforce these 8 principles represent the foundation upon which he has built his successful consulting and coaching practice over the past 10 years.

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Deckman stated: “I designed and developed this training program specifically to address the needs of CEO’s, business owners and managers who are faced with trying to lead what is clearly the most challenging, independent minded and, some would say, frustrating workforce in history.

“Even the military has accepted the fact that ‘top down / command and control’ leadership methods have become a liability.” stated Deckman.

“So, today’s leaders need access to the paradigms and processes that will help them convert rigid and inefficient Org Charts models into vibrant and collaborative workforce networks that are empowered, motivated and that hold themselves accountable to achieve the organization’s goals. The Bigger Know Principles of Leadership teaches a specific system that, with practice, will allow the leader to accomplish that task.
“The program combines a sophisticated blend of social networking sciences with the psychological, tribal and cultural dynamics that intrinsically motivate, mobilize and inspire people to excel. The Bigger Know Principles of Leadership teach the secrets that activate and mobilize both the collective genius and energies of the modern workforce so that you can optimize your organizational performance in the modern economy.” concluded Deckman.

For specific details, to register and to see what other professionals are saying about this ground breaking program go to Or contact Jeffrey at 401.862-6454 or @
Classes start on March 4th and seating is limited to 15 to maximize the impact and effectiveness of the training.
This is the only time this training program will be offered to the public in 2015.
Jeffrey Deckman is an award winning entrepreneur who specializes in transforming leadership teams and cultures into dynamic profit centers.

Jeffrey has over 35 years of leadership experience building several successful companies. For the past 10 years he has been the founder of Capability Accelerators and works with clients from around the world.
He is the creator of The Bigger Know Principles of Leadership which define the eight essential steps the modern leader needs to master to engage, inspire and lead the modern workforce in the modern economy.

He can be reached at: or via phone at 401-862-6454