Commerce approves QJI tax credit for Aretec

PROVIDENCE – The R.I. Commerce Corp. board of directors approved Aretec Inc. for up to $800,000 in Qualified Jobs Incentive tax credits over 10 years to bring in 40 new full-time jobs to Rhode Island with a projected median wage of $68,700.

The jobs are expected to be filled by 2022. The incentives do not pay until jobs have been in place for a full year. The company has promised to keep the jobs in state for a minimum of 12 years.

The jobs would be for data scientists and proposal writers for the data science firm, which is headquartered in Fairfax, Va.

The board also approved a $50,000 Innovation Voucher for Aquanis Inc. to work with principal investigator Kenny Breuer at Brown University to use the wind tunnel at Brown to validate blade-mounted active load control system to reduce stress on wind turbines.

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The board approved a $49,323 Innovation Voucher for Bouckaert Industrial Textiles to develop and produce a family of non-woven matting to be used as a core for high-temperature applications in the vehicle, appliance and industrial sectors.