Dr. Jeffrey Dodge

PBN Health Care Heroes 2024
Rhode Island Oral Health Foundation/Rhode Island Mission of Mercy dentist

What led you to choose health care as your profession? I entered health care because I always had an interest in helping others.

How have you helped boost the quality of or access to health care? I regularly support health care by sponsoring our signature event, the Rhode Island Mission of Mercy free dental weekend. We make available no-cost quality dental care to those that would otherwise not have access to such care.

What is the biggest challenge you and your organization are facing this year? As with any grant-based foundation, our challenge remains to obtain the needed funds to support our signature event, and at the Rhode Island Mission of Mercy event having sufficient volunteer interpreters to serve our non-English-speaking patients.

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What more do you feel the state can do to help further support the health care sector in Rhode Island? The state should continue to strive to make health care, and dental care, more accessible and affordable. A couple of years ago, the state budget included funds to increase reimbursement for some dental procedures covered by the Medicaid program. That was the first such increase in many years.

Tell us one thing that most people don’t know about you. I am an old-car guy. I enjoy the history of the automobile as it relates to our country’s history and I collect most anything automobile-­related.