Driving tax, border tolls among ideas<br> for funding R.I. road and bridge repairs

PROVIDENCE – A tax on every mile that residents drive is one of several suggestions from the state panel charged with finding money to repair…

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  1. As an entrepreneur, I have to say that levying yet another tax, which is what this really is, upon Rhode Islanders will result in more people leaving the state, or at least registering their cars elsewhere. If you think there are a lot of NH and FL registrations now, just wait!

  2. So after the DOT has been spending the most in the country on our roads and bridges, they say they need more to improve their poor condition. I guess we fogot about all the fraud and waste that has been going on for years. I can’t see why someone has to re-register their own car more than once, let alone raise the fee. Paying a per mile charge does not even rate a response. If we can just wait a little longer there will be a lot less taxpayers in the state which will reduce traffic and eliminate the need for quality roads that we already paid for ten times over!