Easing the anxiety of public speaking

For Sree Dasari, 17 isn’t too young to be an entrepreneur.

The La Salle Academy student last year founded Vadati VR to eventually produce an app that would help people practice public speaking.

The app would simulate a speaking environment, complete with a crowd and its reactions, for the user to practice. Her concept is to eventually market it with a headset and a heart-rate monitor.

“I work on it whenever I can – wherever I can,” said the Cumberland resident.

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Dasari has set up a website – www.vadati.org. Geethika Bathini – a friend and fellow high schooler from Worcester, Mass. – is serving as marketing director.

“Rather than practicing amongst friends and family or in front of a mirror, virtual reality can help with actually preparing a student for the environment and simulating the environment,” according to the website.

As for her company’s name, Dasari explained: “It’s Sanskrit [an ancient language from India] for speech.”

Scott Blake is a PBN staff writer. Email him at Blake@PBN.com.