MassChallenge Rhode Island announces 2020 cohort

PROVIDENCE – A new cohort of startup businesses in MassChallenge Rhode Island’s 2020 program was announced Tuesday.

The group consists of 30 early-stage startups selected by a panel of more than 100 judges. The selection represents  the top 10% of applicants, MassChallenge said.

“Congratulations to the 30 incredible companies accepted into our 2020 cohort,” said Hope Hopkins, managing director of MassChallenge Rhode Island, in a statement. “MassChallenge has a long-standing mandate of empowering entrepreneurs – this year, that mandate is critical: we look forward to working with you closely and ensuring that you are successful agents of progress.”

The selection includes startups in a range of fields, including technology, health care, clean energy and the arts, as well as businesses focused on making a social impact. Among Rhode Island business participants in this year’s cohort are Nautilus Defense LLC, a company creating advanced textile and composite-integrated systems for the defense and marine sectors, and Inventing Heron, a web-based career resource focused on a personal and empathetic approach.

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MassChallenge said that 56% of participants of the cohort had a female founder.

The following startups were also selected:

In the high tech field: 

  • BCube Analytics, based in Massachusetts. 
  • NextPet, based in Massachusetts.
  • NextBurb, based in Massachusetts.
  • Bitreel, based in Massachusetts.
  • StoreyLine, based in New York.
  • Mount, based in Massachusetts.
  • Hope Financial Solutions, based in India.
  • NAORIS, based in London.
  • Mindcoord, based in Massachusetts.
  • Retail MarketPoint, based in Rhode Island.

In health care and life sciences:

  • bosWell, based in Rhode Island.
  • Luminent Health LLC, based in Massachusetts.
  • Crosscope, based in California.
  • Video Bridges, based in Massachusetts.
  • ResusiTech, based in Rhode Island.
  • Simply Speak, based in New York.
  • VISIT, based in Rhode Island.
  • Flare, based in Pennsylvania.
  • My MOC Inc., based in Rhode Island.

In energy and clean tech:

  • Power2Peer, based in Massachusetts.
  • Geyser Remediation LLC, doing business as Aqualumos, based in Connecticut.
  • GC USA, based in Rhode Island.

General participants:

  • Resprana, based in New York.
  • Artist Republik, based in Rhode Island.
  • Traveroo Inc., based in Rhode Island.
  • LapSnap, based in Rhode Island.

Social-impact participants:

  • Generus, based in Massachusetts.
  • Nurture, based in California.