Pawtucket’s success is not an accident.

Herb Weiss is an indefatigable cheerleader for Pawtucket. Any journalist within earshot and any business owner thinking of relocating to the city can attest to that fact. We salute him for his efforts and urge other towns and other economic development officials to take a page from his playbook.

This week’s Newsmaker interview with Weiss is instructive for another reason. Weiss answers almost every question using the first person plural – he recognizes that success in development comes only when all stakeholders are working in concert toward the same end.
So, in addition to Weiss’ individual efforts, Pawtucket has reduced red tape. The fire marshal and zoning director meet with developers weekly to go over potential projects, identify key issues and address problems. Targeted loan programs have helped bring new small businesses into town. And after a two-year effort by civic leaders, Pawtucket has gained official recognition for a downtown historic district, which will bring in even more investment.
Economic development is not an accident. Pawtucket is fortunate to have an advocate as dedicated as Herb Weiss and is smart enough to know how to capitalize on his efforts.

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