PPS Superintendent Maher to leave post following school year

Updated at 2:28 p.m.

PROVIDENCE – Christopher N. Maher, superintendent of Providence Public Schools has announced his resignation, Mayor Jorge O. Elorza announced Tuesday.

Maher will serve the rest of the school year as a replacement is sought.

“I want to thank Chris for his work here in Providence and his dedication to our school community,” stated Elorza. “During his tenure, Superintendent Maher has worked to ensure that our principals and teachers feel supported, and our students learn in environments that inspire and challenge them. We are grateful for all of the work that he has done here in our city and wish him the best of luck on all future endeavors.”

Maher has served as superintendent since 2016, following a stint as interim superintendent, succeeding Susan Lusi when she departed from the role in 2015.

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Maher had recently extended his contract through 2020, according to WPRI.

“I am so proud of the work that we have accomplished over the past few years,” stated Maher. “I know that our administrators, teachers and support staff are deeply invested in our students and their success. The Providence Public School community welcomed me four years ago when I first came to this city, and I thank them for being incredible partners during my time here.”

In a letter to staff, Maher called the job of superintendent “immense and intense,” while noting that he was proud of what he accomplished during his tenure in the job.

Maher also wrote that his family was at the root of his decision to depart, writing, “my responsibilities as a father have been calling me.”

“While I have held many challenging positions in my life, the role of the superintendent is a particularly humbling one,” he wrote. “Now well into my fourth year in the role, I can say it has been both the most rewarding and challenging position I’ve ever held (apart from being a father).”

Maher also noted that he is remaining in Providence with his family.

Chris Bergenheim is the PBN web editor. Email him at Bergenheim@PBN.com.