Rhode Island Jewelry Businesses Merge to Create Powerful Fashion Jewelry Player

GREENVILLE AND JOHNSTON, Rhode Island, February 1, 2024

Aura Accessories, LLC and Arden Jewelry Mfg. Co announced today that they are combining to create a more powerful fashion jewelry business to compete in the increasingly competitive fashion jewelry industry.

Founded in 1937, Arden has combined unmatched experience and creativity to produce unique pieces that have defined the jewelry manufacturing industry. Arden’s experts constantly traveled the world to create high-quality inspiring pieces for customers. Now, combined with Aura’s global sourcing and manufacturing capabilities, the merged operations will provide an expanded and more competitive offering to existing and future customers.

“We are looking forward to having all the Arden employees join our Aura team,” said Tim Gaulin, President of Aura. “Acquiring Arden and combining our talent and expertise will not only strengthen our business offering but also diversify our existing customer base.”

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“This collaboration represents the culmination of years of work to find an ideal partner to carry forward the Arden legacy,” said Steve Abrams, President, and third-generation owner of Arden. “I look forward to working with Tim and his team to continue the Arden tradition,” said Abrams.

We are excited as we move forward to create the optimal organization that can realize benefits from this strategic combination of talent and capabilities.

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