Rhode Island Leadership Consultant Jeffrey Deckman Wins the International Business Award’s Innovator of the Year

Jeffrey Deckman
Capability Accelerators

Jeffrey Deckman, leadership consultant and founder of Capability Accelerators, has won the International Business Award’s 2021 Innovator and Thought Leader in 21st Century Leadership Mindsets, Models and Methods.

At the core of his win is the Conscious Leadership in Action philosophy and specifically the M3 Process for Leadership and Organizational Transformation.

The awards were announced on Monday August 16th 2021 and are among the leading business awards globally. They are part of the Stevie Awards, which also include the American Business Awards and the Stevie Award for Women In Business. More than 3700 applications were received from over 65 countries and reviewed by 35 international judges.

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Since 2005, Mr. Deckman has been developing and proving new Conscious Leadership Mindsets, Models and Methods specifically designed to help leaders head today’s modern multi-generational, multi-cultural workforce. The M3 Process, is an extensive, multi-faceted training, coaching, mentoring program that teaches leaders and managers the new leadership Mindsets, Models and Methods necessary to succeed in today’s highly volatile, rapidly changing business world; especially in the post pandemic economy.

The M3 Process promotes and teaches a more conscious leadership Mindset; a powerful new organization Model (The Organizational Trinity) to support that Mindset; and an eight-step leadership system (The Bigger Know Principles of Conscious Leadership) providing specific Methods that maximize employee engagement and the organizational performance they both drive.

Mr. Deckman’s body of work also includes the 2019 best-selling, national and international award winning book, “Developing the Conscious Leadership Mindset for the 21st Century,” and an online course that compliments the book. The book, and its associated online training course, provides powerful, life-changing tools that helps management develop the new “Conscious Leadership in Action” mindsets being demanded in the 21st Century.

As Deckman stated: “Todays’ leaders are being challenged to quickly replace outdated leadership with respect-based leadership or suffer the loss of productivity, profitability and the employees that create both. It is truly an honor to have 15 years and tens of thousands of hours of research and development acknowledged with such a prestigious award from such a highly respected international organization.”

# For more information on Jeffrey’s processes visit www.jeffreydeckman.com.