RIDOT launches real-time traffic dashboard

A DASHBOARD LAUNCHED by the R.I. Department of Transportation provides real-time traffic information for routes most impacted by closure of the westbound lanes on the Washington Bridge, as well as past data and estimates for planned trips. This screenshot shows data displayed around mid-afternoon on a Tuesday. / COURTESY R.I. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION

PROVIDENCE – In response to continuing traffic caused by closure of the westbound lanes on the Washington Bridge, the R.I. Department of Transportation has launched an online dashboard showing real-time travel estimates along impacted routes.

The dashboard updates every five minutes based on current traffic data, according to RIDOT, and shows how long it should take to travel between points on 12 different routes identified as particularly impacted by the bridge closure.

Those routes include the Massachusetts state line to Interstate 95 via the Washington Bridge, travel over the Washington or Henderson bridges from East Bay communities, and travel from the Airport Connector to the Massachusetts state line, among others.

In addition to providing current travel estimates, the dashboard allows users to view travel time estimates for future days and times, as well as past data.

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