RISD Mindshare: Hear how RISD graduates start businesses, ignite innovation, launch personal projects and make social impact!


Date: Saturday, November 4th 2017
Location: Chace Center Auditorium, Rhode Island School of Design
Time: 12-6PM

Learn how Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) graduates start businesses, ignite innovation, launch personal projects and make social impact! At Mindshare, TED-style talks showcase the talent, thinking and conviction that RISD alumni tap to create truly great experiences. Share the afternoon with innovative artists and designers. Discover new creative opportunities. Challenge your thinking and be inspired!

Hosted by the RISD Career Center, Mindshare is tailor-made for people interested in starting their own creative projects and businesses or for those hoping to be inspired by stories of creative innovation. Hear how these artists and designers have pursued their passions, dealt with challenges, built supportive networks, and launched their professional lives!

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The speakers at Mindshare represent a wide range of entrepreneurs from industries such as publishing, broadcasting, fine art, illustration, architecture, fashion, and more. The event will feature talks by:

Julia Sherman ’06/Photography – Salad for President – http://www.saladforpresident.com/
Marly Gallardo ’15/Illustration – Marly Gallardo Illustration – http://www.marlygallardo.com/
Otis Gray ’14/Sculpture – Hungry Radio – http://www.hungryradio.org/
Jon Key ’13/Graphic Design – Codify Art & Morcos Key – http://codifyart.com/
Katie Stout ’12/Furniture Design – Katie Stout Studio – http://www.katiestout.com/
Lea Cloud, Victoria Rospond ’84/Architecture – CDR Studio – http://www.cdrstudio.com/
Zoe Latta ’09/Textiles & Mike Eckhaus ’10/Sculpture – Eckhaus Latta – https://shop.eckhauslatta.com/

The event is free to Rhode Island designers and artists and also open to the general public. Please join us and hear these inspiring stories. For further details and to register, visit http://mindshare.risd.edu/