Study: Providence most susceptible to AI-related job loss

PROVIDENCE IS the most susceptible city in the nation to AI-related job losses, according to a study by  / PBN FILE PHOTO/PAMELA BHATIA

PROVIDENCE – Rhode Island’s capital city is the most susceptible in the nation to artificial intelligence-related job losses, according to a study by 

Researchers at the casino-review website based in New Jersey examined labor statistics from every major city in the U.S., including data from both Indeed and the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, to determine which jobs had the highest risk of being eliminated. Each city was ranked from somewhat safe to imminent doom related to expanded AI use.

Data showed Providence was the most susceptible to AI-related job loss, with a score of just 50. According to the report, Providence residents currently only have access to about 24,500 job openings, and it has the 12th-least-impressive spread of jobs across industries among the 50 largest cities in the U.S. 

Also, Providence saw just a 0.1% economic growth in 2022, and the BLS projects that 2032 in Providence will see just one-fifth of the job openings for careers identified by the study researchers as AI-proof, according to the report.

Phoenix was ranked the least susceptible to AI-related job losses, scoring 211 out of a possible 250. The higher number signifies there are currently numerous job openings for a wide range of careers, including a concentration in jobs that carry a low risk when it comes to AI takeover such as firefighters, barbers, surgeons, athletes, and heavy equipment operators. 

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Phoenix currently has close to 95,000 job openings across a diverse landscape of industries, according to the report. Also, the city saw a 1.2% economic growth in 2022, and the BLS estimates that there will be over 54,000 jobs that we identify as low-risk available in 2032.

Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Houston and Boston rounded out the top five that were least susceptible.  

Hartford, Conn., ranked second, behind Providence, on the list of most susceptible, followed by Richmond, Va., Tucson, Ariz., and Memphis, Tenn. 

The full report can be found here. 

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