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Danielle Williams

When it comes to AI, we’ve been here before

A room-sized computer equipped with a new type of circuitry, the Perceptron, was introduced in 1958 in a brief news story buried in The...

Rhode Island native’s AI company helping predict patient health outcomes

PROVIDENCE – While working in data and artificial intelligence Rhode Island native Severence MacLaughlin noticed health care professionals often use AI and automation to...

Despite FCC ban, AI-powered deep fakes loom over elections

The Federal Communications Commission this month outlawed robocalls that use voices generated by artificial intelligence. The 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act bans artificial voices in...
Saurabh Bagchi

Reining in AI means figuring what’s feasible

Concern about generative artificial intelligence technologies seems to be growing almost as fast as the spread of the technologies themselves. These worries are driven...

Citizens survey: Midsize companies, private equity firms embracing AI

PROVIDENCE – Midsize companies and private equity firms are embracing artificial intelligence by implementing the technology to assess data, automate processes and streamline financial...

Study: Providence most susceptible to AI-related job loss

PROVIDENCE – Rhode Island’s capital city is the most susceptible in the nation to artificial intelligence-related job losses, according to a study by  Researchers...
Arnell Milhouse is an entrepreneur in residence 
at Brown University and 
co-founder of Providence-based DevAccelerator: RI, 
a startup incubator. / PBN PHOTO/MICHAEL SALERNO

Lead with AI

Arnell Milhouse | DevAccelerator: RI co-founder The Age of AI has arrived, and Rhode Island-based businesses face an urgent imperative to leverage this technology. The...
Daniel Gervais

AI running businesses will test U.S. legal system

Only “persons” can engage with the legal system – for example, by signing contracts or filing lawsuits. There are two main categories of persons:...
FUTURE SHOCK: Arnell Milhouse, second from right, founder and CEO of CareerDevs Inc., speaks during the PBN Cybersecurity & Tech Summit on Oct. 12. Milhouse sees massive changes coming because of artificial intelligence, but many of the changes will be positive, he says. With Milhouse on the panel are Jeffrey Wilhelm, left, founder and CEO of Infused Innovations Inc., and Timothy Henry, seated right, assistant professor and researcher at Rhode Island College. Christopher Parisi, standing, founder and president of marketing firm Trailblaze Inc., moderates. 

Firms hesitating on AI are falling behind, PBN summit panel says

With artificial intelligence rapidly advancing, businesses in Rhode Island will have no choice but to invest in the technology tools to ensure they survive. The...

AI world requires new policies, plans

If the experts on artificial intelligence are to be believed, a tectonic shift has already begun in the business world akin to the Industrial...
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