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OVERALL U.S. RETAIL sales in December increased 5.8% year over year. / BLOOMBERG NEWS FILE PHOTO/MICHAEL NAGLE

U.S. retail sales post solid advance to close out moderate 2019

WASHINGTON – United States retail sales strengthened in December, thanks to a late holiday-shopping rush that wrapped up a more-moderate year of spending at...
THE U.S. TRADE deficit 8.2% in November to $43.1 billion in November. / BLOOMBERG NEWS FILE PHOTO/TIM RUE

U.S. trade deficit falls 8.2% to $43.1 billion in Nov.

WASHINGTON (AP) – The United States trade deficit fell in November to the lowest level in more than three years as U.S. exports rose...

U.S. business-equipment orders tame amid investment downshift

WASHINGTON – Orders for United States capital equipment barely increased in November, consistent with a downshift in corporate investment throughout the year that’s weighed...
THE VALUE of U.S. retail sales climbed 0.2% in November, lower than estimates. / BLOOMBERG NEWS FILE PHOTO/MICHAEL NAGLE

U.S. retail sales miss forecasts as restaurants decline

WASHINGTON – United States retail sales missed forecasts calling for an acceleration in November as clothing stores and restaurants posted declines, signaling the economy’s...
BUSINESS INVESTMENT increased 1.2% in October, according to the Commerce Department. / BLOOMBERG FILE PHOTO/TY WRIGHT

U.S. business-equipment demand jumps by most since Jan.

WASHINGTON – Demand for United States business equipment unexpectedly increased in October by the most since the start of the year, a respite from...

U.S. retail sales exceed estimates, with some signs of cooling

WASHINGTON – United States retail sales rose more than estimated in October on gains from auto dealers and gas stations, though declines in categories...
OVERALL U.S. trade deficit in goods and services shrank to a five-month low of $52.5 billion in September, despite U.S. exports to China dropping 10% to a five-month low. / BLOOMBERG NEWS FILE PHOTO/ PATRICK T. FALLON

U.S. trade with China tumbled in Sept. after fresh tariffs

WASHINGTON – United States trade with China nosedived in September after President Donald Trump escalated the trade war with fresh tariffs on consumer items,...
UNTIED STATES gross domestic product expanded at a 1.9% annualized rate in the third quarter. / BLOOMBERG NEWS FILE PHOTO/MICHAEL NAGLE

U.S. economy holds up with 1.9% growth on consumer strength

WASHINGTON – A resilient American consumer helped the United States economy expand more than forecast in the third quarter, assuaging concerns for now of...
MANUFACTURING MADE UP 11% of gross domestic product in the second quarter, the smallest share in data going back to 1947. / BLOOMBERG NEWS FILE PHOTO/MATTHEW BUSCH

Manufacturing is now smallest share of U.S. economy in 72 Years

WASHINGTON – Three years after Donald Trump campaigned for president pledging a factory renaissance, the opposite appears to be happening. Manufacturing made up 11% of...
THE U.S. BUDGET DEFICIT 26% to $984 billion in 12 months through September. / BLOOMBERG FILE PHOTO/ANDREW HARRER

U.S. annual budget deficit nears $1T with 26% rise

WASHINGTON – The United States budget deficit widened to almost $1 trillion in the latest fiscal year, surging to the highest level since 2012...
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