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VALUE JUDGMENT: Karen Rice, a certified valuation analyst at the Providence accounting firm Kahn, Litwin, Renza & Co. Ltd., says it is important for business partners to agree early on about how the value of a company will be calculated to determine how an exiting partner will be compensated. 

When starting a business, don’t forget about the exit

When starting a new business, the last thing on an owner’s mind is the moment they will walk away from it. But drafting an...
RETHINKING THINGS: Kevin A. Papa, a partner at Piccerelli, Gilstein & Co. LLP, says he’s hearing from a larger number of small-business owners who are reexamining how their company fits in their life and are thinking about an exit strategy. 

Owners looking to cash out are keeping valuators busy

In a time of economic upheaval involving sky-high inflation, supply chain problems and staffing shortages, following two years of disruption that came with the...
SERVICES SOUGHT: Certified public accountant and certified business appraiser John E. Barrett Jr., principal at Barrett Valuation Services Inc., has experienced increased demand and new challenges in calculating business values since the pandemic hit. / PBN PHOTO/MICHAEL SALERNO

Crisis spurs businesses to reevaluate their worth

As principal of Barrett Valuation Services Inc., John E. Barrett Jr. staked his career on his ability to assess risk. But the metrics he has...
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