Automated Business Solutions expands from copiers to IT

Fastest Growing Companies | $5M-$25M | 5th place
CEO (or equivalent): Alan P. Albergaria, co-founder and president
2017 Revenue: $11,653,779
2015 Revenue: $10,167,184
Revenue growth: 14.6%

Two years ago, 50 people worked for Automated Business Solutions in Warwick. Today the company boasts nearly 80 employees servicing 4,000 clients in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

In addition to growing the company’s customer base organically, President Alan P. Albergaria credits ABS’ growth to its expanded services. The company’s core business was selling copiers, but it now provides phone and information technology services – everything from virus protection to cloud storage to hardware and software.

“We offer any service a customer could need,” Albergaria said.

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Albergaria expects to continue aggressively growing the company’s IT services division, in part because it’s turned out to be an especially lucrative part of ABS’ offerings.

“The IT revenue will account for close to 10 percent of our total revenue, with 2 percent of our customer base,” Albergaria said. “It’s a crazy number. We expect that in five years we’ll be doing as much in IT as we are in our core business.”