Brightview Senior Living working to keep COVID-19 at bay and its residents safe

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Healthiest Employers of Rhode Island Awards 2020 | 1,500-5,000+ EMPLOYEES
2. Brightview Senior Living LLC
| Doug Dollenberg, CEO | Number of employees: 2,460

FOSTERING A HEALTHY CULTURE has always been a key corporate philosophy for Brightview Senior Living LLC, a group of 41 senior communities along the Eastern seaboard from Massachusetts to Virginia. Brightview’s Rhode Island community is based in South ­Kingstown.

With the emergence of COVID-19, maintaining a healthy workplace for both residents and employees has taken on particular urgency, especially since the virus has greatly affected older adults.

‘Our mantra has been to take care of yourself, and make a conscious decision to be proactive about your health.’
Andrea Griesmar Brightview Senior Living LLC senior vice president for operations

“We have a lot of responsibility for our associates [employees] when they are dealing with such a vulnerable population,” said Andrea Griesmar, Brightview senior vice president for operations.

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Griesmar said that includes lots of education about infection control, such as wearing masks, washing hands and maintaining social distance.

Brightview has established a nurse triage hotline that employees can call to talk about any symptoms they or a family member might be experiencing. Recognizing the pandemic can wreak economic hardship on both employees and their families, Brightview offers free food for employees during working hours. It also set up food pantries for families in need.

(UPDATED to add CEO Doug Dollenberg and to correct spelling of Brightview in final graf.)

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