Brown Surgical Associates launches Comprehensive Hernia Center

PROVIDENCE – Hernia patients who have been told their condition is inoperable, as well as patients with complicated hernia cases, may now be able to seek relief at a new hernia center launched by Brown Surgical Associates.

The Comprehensive Hernia Center is equipped to offer open, minimally invasive, robot-assisted and laparoscopic surgeries, Brown Surgical Associates says.

“It’s our mission to be there for patients who need help, including those with complex cases who may have been denied surgery by other practices or told repair is not possible. We want to give them the opportunity to get back to normal, living a pain-free life,” said Dr. William Cioffi, president of Brown Surgical Associates. “Our surgeons have the expertise – coming from different areas of the country, different kinds of training, different approaches – thus allowing us to offer something that has never been offered in Rhode Island.”

Surgeons at the new center have completed thousands of hernia procedures and will work together on complex cases to determine effective treatments, according to Brown Surgical Associates.

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Elizabeth Graham is a PBN contributing writer.