Cancer advocacy group to push for better access to colorectal cancer screenings

PROVIDENCE – The American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network in Rhode Island is beginning the new year by pushing state lawmakers to eliminate cost-sharing for all preventative colorectal cancer screenings for people age 45 and older.

Legislation requiring the change passed the R.I. Senate last year but was tabled as COVID-19 forced changes to the legislative session schedule.

That issue is among those to be discussed during the network’s annual Rhode Island Cancer Action Week, which kicks off on March 15. Cancer patients, survivors and others are to meet virtually with lawmakers during the event.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has many of us thinking about how we can live longer and healthier lives, and ensuring people have affordable access to appropriate cancer screenings is a critical part of living a healthy life,” said Cori Chandler, director of government relations for American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network in Rhode Island. “Colorectal cancer is one of the few truly preventable cancers, which is why colorectal cancer screenings are one of the most cost-effective population-based preventive screenings.”

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Elizabeth Graham is a PBN contributing writer.