Candles have whiff of Rhody

An accountant by profession, Catherine Kwolek exercises more creative license in her second field.

As owner of Aster Candle LLC, she spends nights and weekends concocting fragrant combinations that will appeal to Rhode Islanders.

No surprise, her top-selling candle fragrance is Coffee Milk. Another local scent is PVD, a WaterFire-inspired concoction of “gin, mandarin orange and wood smoke.”

She started the small business at the Providence Flea, an outdoor market. She invited friends and relatives, but the live sales to new customers spurred her on. “It’s really funny to see people’s reactions to them. It’s different for everybody.”

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She incorporated the business in January and operates it from her home in Lincoln.

Over the past year, she created seasonal fragrances and a Zodiac line that features scent combinations that her research found are attractive to people born under the various signs.

Aster candles are sold in several boutiques in Rhode Island, as well as online.