Casale disbarred amid investigation of professional misconduct

PROVIDENCE – Joseph P. Casale, an attorney and owner of Aquidneck Legal Center in Middletown accused of commingling and converting client funds to his own use, has been disbarred, according to a Rhode Island Supreme Court order issued Jan. 29.

The limited-liability entity license granted to Aquidneck Legal Center by the court on Aug. 13, 2015, has also been revoked.

Casale filed an affidavit with the court’s disciplinary board on Dec. 30 noting “that he freely and voluntarily consents to disbarment.”

According to a court spokesperson, Casale was being investigated for suspicion of mishandling client funds. The case has been referred to R.I. State Police.

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Casale opened Aquidneck Legal Center in 2004.