CCI reaches low 90s for second time in 2018

After revision of the April CCI report saw the status rise from 67 to 75, the May CCI was measured at 92 per Lardaro's latest report released Monday. / COURTESY LEONARD LARDARO
AFTER REVISION of the April Current Conditions Index report, Rhode Island's index score rose from 67 to 75. In May, the Ocean State's CCI was measured at 92, per Leonard Lardaro's latest economic report released Monday. / COURTESY LEONARD LARDARO
SOUTH KINGSTOWN – Tied with February for the highest measure this year, Rhode Island's Current Conditions Index rose 17 points to 92 in May per the report released Monday by University of Rhode Island Economist Leonard Lardaro. April’s CCI measure was revised from 67 to 75 due a reversal in the manufacturing wage, explained Lardaro.…
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