Creative Mile public art project launch set

PROVIDENCE – The launch of the new outdoor Creative Mile, showcasing 12 art installations, will be held Friday morning at 10:30 a.m. at the corner of James and South Water streets, the site of an old helipad.
The Creative Mile is the temporary use of public art on land called “The Link” and includes submissions from Rhode Island artists.
The I-195 Redevelopment District Commission is responsible for the development of roughly 40 acres of land, also known as The Link, which was made available by the relocation of Interstate 195. The Link includes 19 developable acres and 8 acres of park land and open space. The rest of the land is taken up by roads and other public space.

The I-195 Redevelopment Commission will lead the tour through the Creative Mile; the artists also will be in attendance.

The artwork will remain up for a year.

There is a steel sculpture from Ed Lyman Rondeau called “Agricola,” Kurt Snell’s 45-foot long wooden skeletal structure called RIB Sequence and Mark Wholey’s 14-foot tall sculpture, Hephaestus Rising, which produces an array of shapes as ambient light passes through it.

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“The individuals featured in our Creative Mile enliven the urban space with their fresh and inspiring vision,” I-195 Redevelopment Commission Executive Director Jan Brodie stated on the organization’s Facebook page. “The installations located along the mile of I-195 land from Fox Point to Interstate 95 provide a fun way to get people out walking, looking and valuing the city and its creative residents, students and workers.”

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