Don’t let capital gains and dividend rates expire

As members of the 111th Congress return to Washington following the historic 2010 midterm elections for their final lame-duck session, surely the economy is forefront on their minds. Few question that the economic downturn the United States has experienced over the past two years is the reason that there will be so many new faces…
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  1. I hate to say this, but I totally disagree. The whole premise of this opinion has been tried since the tax cuts came about a decade ago. Look at the huge budge mess the last administration left behind (don’t forget to add 2 wars and the Part D drug give away on the last administration’s phoney budget because they didn’t). We had one of the most anemic job creation periods during that same time frame. No, we need to pay for the phoney war in Iraq, Part D giveaway and the war in Afghanistan like we were supposed to in the first place.