Five Questions With: Mimi Rubino

MIMI RUBINO is a new agent with Randall, Realtors. / COURTESY RANDALL, REALTORS
MIMI RUBINO is a new agent with Randall, Realtors. / COURTESY RANDALL, REALTORS

Mimi Rubino, a new agent with Randall, Realtors, is based in the company’s Westerly location in the Watch Hill office. A resident of the coastal town, Rubino previously had 25 years of sales experience in the medical field. She has bought and sold 15 homes of her own before entering real estate professionally.

 PBN: You started your career in medical sales. How does sales in real estate compare, or relate? I am curious if there are shared strategies. 

 RUBINO: Yes, I worked in medical sales for many years. Real estate is both somewhat similar and somewhat different. As far as similarities go, all sales require prospecting, determining the requirements of the buyer, establishing a budget, finding the right product/home, demonstrating the product/showing the home(s), negotiating the sale, and closing. I think the major difference between medical sales and real estate is that the real estate sale is much more emotional — whether it is buying or selling, many times it comes down to how the buyer “feels” about a home. 

PBN: What is your favorite kind of house to sell – is there a type of property that you know will really be a hit with buyers? 

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RUBINO: I think my favorite kind of house to sell is the home that is super clean, uncluttered, and neutral in palette. Whether it’s a small ranch, or a huge colonial, if the home is spotless it always shows better, and allows the buyer to imagine their own belongings in the space. That and of course waterfront homes – who doesn’t love the view and sound of the waves breaking on the shore?  

PBN: We’re in an interesting market. Do you have buyers who are looking at specific areas within specific towns, or are they more open to regions of the coast? 

RUBINO: I do have clients that are looking at specific areas of town. Several of my buyers want Westerly specifically, rather than looking at other areas on the coast. Some people are more open to other towns in southern Rhode Island, as long as they have easy access to the beach. 

PBN: In residential home sales, it’s a seller’s market. What is this market like for luxury sales? 

RUBINO: It certainly is a seller’s market! Some of my buyers from out of town are a bit surprised when houses go under contract in one to five days, before they even have a chance to look at the property. Luxury sales are a bit different in that the buyers are often working with a particular agent for a long time – a year or more, to sell or buy a home. They are usually ready to purchase in cash, and when they find their “perfect” home, they act fast. 

PBN: What attracted you to the real estate industry? 

RUBINO: I have always loved real estate – I have personally bought and sold 14 homes, in a number of different states. I love the process of looking at homes and imagining what I could do to make it mine. I can easily create in my mind how to make it the perfect space. I try to bring this insight to my clients when they are looking.

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